Saturday, March 23, 2013

Belated Friday Song With Callie: Meowing Kitty Style

Kitties - lately Mommie has been listening to this song "Gangum Style" by Psy.  I am not sure why exactly since it is not in English and the only words she can almost make out are "Oppa gangum style" and later on in the song "Eh, sexy lady".  What is this "Gangum Style" the song talks about?  I think that this song needs some Callie intervention.  Are you ready to sing along kitties?


Meowing Kitty Style,
Kitty Style

Meowing Kitty Style
eh, Sexy ManCat Meowing Kitty Style
eh, Sexy Kozmo, oh, oh, oh, oh
(here you can insert any kitty name,
Sassy says it should be Austin)

Meowing Kitty Style
Kitty Style
Remember to Sing Loud,
Sing Long and Sing Often!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Glogirly Give Away

Kitties - Katie and Waffles Too are have a great giveaway on their blog.  Glogirly Designs now has its own website. Recently Katie (and okay, maybe Glogirly a little bit) designed our new "Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere" badge. 

We hope to win - our blog NEEDS a Sexy Makeover!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Request for Cat Food Suggestions

Kitties - the Mommie here.  I need some advice please.  On the advice of the vet I have always feed Callie and Sassy Science Diet Indoor dry cat food.  This seemed to work good both with nutrient wise and with Sassy delicate stomach (the phrase delicate stomach is my polite way of saying that I now know every possible way of cleaning up kitty vomit known to mankind!). 

Well recently Science Diet Indoor changed their formula and the cats DO NOT approve (not to mention Sassy's stomach which definitely does not approve).  My vet has recommended the following foods (but said that almost any sensitive stomach brand would be good).  Have any of you had any experience with these formulas or suggestions for "delicate" stomach food?  Thank you for the help. 

Royal Canin Special 33

ProPlan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula

Iams Proactive Health Adult Digestive Care

Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach

Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Sexy For My Furs Tuesday

Hi Kitties - Callie here.  Last year Sassy got to do the "Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere" series.  Personally I did not find this series that interesting because my boycat friend Kozmo is of course THE Hottest Mancat of the Blogosphere, so you know, whatever!  But now we are going to do a "Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere" series.  Being as how I am a international fashion model, I am a much better kitty to do this than Sassy!  Here is a picture of me doing one of my "too sexy for my furs" pose.

We are going to start this series up in mid April - if you would like to be a Sexy Ladycat of the Blogosphere please contact me at loca4gato at gmail dot com
For all of those mancats out there, what are some burning issues you would like to see answered by our Sexy Ladycats?  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday Musings With Sassy: Texas Weather

Kitties - Sassy here.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you if I am sitting here feeling nice and warm or cool and comfortable.  That is because see I live in Texas and in Texas the saying is "If you don't like the weather, wait around for another five minutes and it will be different".  That has really been the case lately. 

See the blankie that the Spotted Airhead and I are laying on?  Well, let's see, in the last week, Mommie has removed it because it was so hot outside that she got sunburned planting stuff in the garden.....then she added back on because it rained the next day.....then removed it when it got hot again...and now they are saying that a evening freeze in going to happen next week.....
How is a cat supposed to get her sleep if the blankie keeps moving around? 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Winnie's Wish Gifts - Thanks Kozzie!

Kitties - Callie here.  Today I got a wonderful surprise in the mail. My Sweet Ba-Boo, Kozmo from the Cat From Hell sent me an anniversary gift from Winnie's Wish.  A handsome, brave boycat friend who is also generous to kitties in need - what more could a kitty ask for???  I loved them and unfortunately so does Sassy!  Unfortunately, Mommie made me share! 

Thanks Sweet Ba-Boo - you are the bestest!

P.S. We kitties LOVED these toys.  They came soaked / stuffed / sprayed or something in the most wonderful scent in the world!  You should definitely steal your human's credit card and get some of these!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Most Wonderful Boycat Friend EVER!!

Kitties - Callie here.  Monday is the one year anniversary of the bestest day of my life!  It is the day that my handsome and brave Kozmo asked me to be his girlcat friend!  Oh my what a year we have had - parties, stinky eggroll kidnappers, song duos, visits to London and so much more! 

I made this video just especially for my Sweet Ba-Boo.  I even had Mommie take off my bling-bling collar first so that I could appear in it au naturale <blush>.  Now two things to keep in mind before watching this video.  Number One is that since unfortunately my video budget is very low, I had to hire cheap labor for the camera work.  Hah - last time I hire anyone from the Clown College of Video Making!  And number two, you will need to turn your computer volume up to high.  I am a gentle Southern lady with a soft voice...Mommie why are you looking so surprised? 

We Are On Pet Blogs United

Kitties - Sassy here.  We are featured this week on Pet Blogs United!  Callie spends most of her time blabbing on endlessly about her "Sweet Ba-Boo" - pretty much like she does all of the time!  I of course discuss much more important issues such how much I am abused by my sisfur. 

On another note, Callie wanted me to be sure and tell everyone to check out the blog tomorrow.  It is her and Kozmo's (I refuse to use the name Sweet Ba-Boo- ugh) 1st anniversary as a couple and she has a special message planned for him.