Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere: Nellie

Kitties - this week's Sexy Ladycat of the Blogosphere is Nellie, who practically invented the term Sexy Ladycat.  All young Sexy Ladycat wanna bes - read up and learn from the expert!

What makes you a sexy ladycat?  What do you think is your sexiest feature?      What makes a lady cat sexy? It's all about NOT going out of their way to be sexy but rather when yous  just... is. Doing yoga and looking sideways into the camera (or mancat’s face), being comfortable in your own fur and doing the Alley Cat Strut is what man cat’s find irresistible.   My Sexiest feature is all of me! It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it

When did you first discover you were a Sexy Ladycat?     Me has always been a sexy lady cat! Me has always had the ability to wrap man cats around my paw!

Describe your perfect mancat.  Does your handsome, brave, wonderful (Callie, stop typing extra words into the questionnaire!) brother help introduce you to mancats?     Me likes a mancat who's good, but not too good - for the good die young, and Me would hates a dead one.   Me has never ever had difficulties finding man cats! At the polo games, race tracks, climbing mountains or strolling on a beach, they always appears and throws themselves at my feets! And mes always lets them knows me appreciates their company!   Mes actually does not mind the brat handsome
Sweet Ba-Boo (Callie - stop it!) too much, he has not introduced me to any man cats me would date though.


How do you show a mancat you are interested?  Do you have a pickup line?     Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.    Mes don’t needs pickup lines.
What should a mancat do to impress you?     Having Spontaneity, humor, and confidence. Mes finds these in Man Cats adorable!  And Money is nice too!

What would be a perfect date for a mancat to take you on?     You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Me enjoys doing things me has not done before!
Do you have a special mancat in your life?  Are you open to being contacted by the any of the many handsome mancats of the blogosphere?     Allred has a special place in my heart! When me is good, me is very good. But when me is bad me is better. After all, me is a cat!
Well it sounds like Allred is one lucky mancat!  Sorry, guys!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings With Sassy: Mencats!

Kitties - Today's musing subject is about mencats.  Here around Casa Sassy and Callie mancat problems are in bloom!  I don't know what is going on with Callie - I mean who can keep up with her drama?  Something about Sweet Ba-Boo, ginsu knives and trout loving hussies. 

On my end, as I am sure everyone knows, I have a not so secret crush on a certain Welsh mancat.  He is handsome, brave and very witty.  Unfortunately, there is not a romantic bone in his body!  Sigh.  He even forgot to invite me to his birthday party as his date!  When I go on my much anticipated Furrari ride with Spitty I think I am going to try to talk him into conducting a "How To Be A Romantic Mancat, 101" seminar.  And to my handsome Welsh mancat.....ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

In The Garden Thursday: Breast Cancer Rose Bush

Kitties - the Mommie here.  I am going a little off cat topic here, but Callie and Sassy was nice enough to give me their blog for today.  As some of you may know, my sister, Glenda passed away from breast cancer in early April, four years ago. She loved growing flowers, so when I found a rose bush for sell that the proceeds from went to Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer, it seemed like fate.  I purchased one and planted it three years ago.  For the first two years, I was a little disappointed with it - it seemed kind of blah and boring.  However, this year, right around the anniversary of Glenda's death ironically enough, it started blooming out like crazy.  Now, I am smart enough to know that this probably has more to do with the mild weather we have been having here in Dallas than anything else.  But there is also this small part of me that likes to think it is my sister saying "hey down there!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere: DAI$Y

Kitties - Sassy here.  Welcome to the premiere Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere column.  Our special guest today is Ms. Dai$y of Da Tabbies of Trout Towne blog.  She has the perfect Sexy Ladycat attitude - sassy and she knows it.  I plan to throughly study this column.  I think I need to learn how to amp up my sexy, since apparently Welsh cats suffer from severe commitment issues!

Okay, mencats, sit up and pay attention - I present Sexy Ladycat Dai$y:

1. What makes you a sexy ladycat?     Gracious, that would be my entire existence as known to mankind and the entire animal population of the universe; look up beauty, grace, and elegance in the dictionary and you're sure to spot a picture of ME...dai$y, Queen of Cats, Royalty of Trout Towne.     What do you think is your sexiest feature?     Actually, that's hard to define; I don't want to say my face as then my tail floof would feel bad and I don't want to say my mane, as it sheds out in spring and summer and I miss it until fall and winter, and I don't want to say my exquisite coat, as sometimes it DOES give me grooming issues and then my paws would feel left out.......

2. When did you first discover you were a Sexy Ladycat?     The day I was born; when people and animals gathered from far and wide to admire my beauty, grace and elegance and offer congratulations to my mom and dad, on giving birth to the FABulous Miss D, and the paparazzi were scrambling to get my photo for their newscast, magazine, and newspaper.

3. Describe your perfect mancat.     The Pink Panther....I mean what gal doesn't like the color pink; well, or purple, emerald green, ruby red..... AND he's not much of a talker so I would be able to dedicate the entire conversation to ME.     Will your brofurs have to approve of any mancat you date?     Hhhhmmpppphhhh...unless the stupid boys are going to pay me $98, 388.75 or get me a life time membership to the spa.... I do as I please.

4. How do you show a mancat you are interested?     You gals know I have a 360 degree mirror set up in my room so I can gaze upon myself at my leisure... I think that just letting them see my beauty would perk up their dull and boring life! 

5.  Do you have a pickup line?     Yes, I walk over to the food service purrson, give her my VERY... BEST... EVIL ...Dai$y... GLARE…. and demand to be picked up and carried downstairs...oh, you mean pickup line with the mancats….well no I don’t, they tend to just fall in love with me without any words!

6. What should a mancat do to impress you?     He can start off on the right paw by stating how FABulous I am; and he should try to have a clean butt.....even though I should be able to walk side by side with him, sometimes say...you're like at the mall and it's crowded... and you have to walk single file.... who wants to look at a dirty butt...if you know what I mean.

7. What would be a perfect date for a mancat to take you on?     Well, I am not really allowed to date until I am 25 and I have to assume this means people years, but I have snuck out of the house on occasion and met up with some strikingly handsome boys and we've gone to the bank, jewelry store, shopping mall, spa, a fine dining establishment; once we went to a florist to see my namesake......you know...daisies......but they were nowhere NEAR as FABulous as me!

8.   Do you have a special mancat in your life?    Right now there is Cody who is brother to Sheba of Sheba's life story: http://www.shebaslifestory.com.  He is ever so handsome and we went to Mollie and Ranger's ball together...he bought me salmon, flowers...more salmon...but we have a very open relationship; why just the other day his gal pals from Cats & Co....sent him some catnip mice and catnip butterflies and that's OK.

9.  Are you open to being contacted by the any of the many handsome mancats of the blogosphere?     Certainly...here's my cell number: 1 800 324794732285687 ore 1 800 dai$y is FABulous but please remember if I don't respond immediately I MAY be gazing at myself in my mirror.

 So mencats....feel free to submit your application for Ms. Dai$y's affections below!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Shiny New Blog Header

Kitties - the very nice Ann of Zoolarty took pity on our tired old plain header and created us a new one.  Isn't it great?

P.S. Sassy - notice who is featured most on the header?  See, even strangers know who is the star of this blog!  Ha Ha!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings With Sassy: The Wonders of Penicillin

Kitties - Today Mommie was running through the house playing chase with Callie.  She was saying "I gots the Callie, I gots the Callie".  I told her not to worry, that a big enough of dosage of penicillin will cure pretty much anything! 

Everyone but Callie laughed!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yoga Pose #1419

The little known "Cat Legs Tucked Under" pose.**
**Sleepy eyes optional

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Musings With CALLIE, Not Ol' Thunderbutt Sassy

Kitties - Sassy is always soooo superior on Mondays because of her "musings" like she is some kind of brain trust!  So today I stole Monday musings from her just to show her that she is not the only deep thinker along here. 

Here are some of the deep thoughts that consume me on a daily basis: 

"Diamonds are a girls best friend"  - - well duh!  Who is stupid enough to doubt that!?! (Plus I look so good in sparklies!) 

"Does this fur make my butt look big?"  When a girlcat is lucky enough to have a handsome boycat friend like Kozmo, she must always look her best!

"Wearing spotted fur with stripes?"  Fashion forward or fashion disaster?

See....I don't know why Sassy insists on calling me the Spotted Airhead.......

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Songs With Callie: Sassy Eats Another Meal

Kitties - Don't think that I have not noticed that Sassy has been talking a lot of smack about me lately!  So I would like to dedicate this song to Sassy - the eating machine!  It used to be "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen.  I would say sing along Sassy, except you are busy eating....

Sassy walks into the kitchen
The floors shake when she walks,                     
How can she be hungry again?                                    
Machine mouth ready to go

Are you ready                                      

Ready to feed Sassy                 
Is the world cat food supply stocked up now?                          
Put Royal Canin on double shifts                                             
Sassy is eating again

Sassy eats yet another meal                                   

Sassy eats yet another meal                 
And another meal eaten, and another one eaten                     
Sassy eats yet another meal                                         
Hey, she gonna eat your food too                                            
Sassy eats yet another meal

Remember to Sing Loud, Sing Long and Sing Often!!
Disclaimer from Sassy:  I would just like to say that at our last visit to the V.E.T., she said that I was the PERFECT weight and that I did not need to diet.  Just because, unlike a certain Spotted Airhead, I don't wish to be a skinny Paris fur model........

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Spotted Airhead Gets Into Trouble

Kitties - today, my Mommie was very, very mean to me!  She went out to the garage and being the loving and wonderful kitty that I am, I followed her out there.  And yeah, okay, she **might** have told me a **few** times (Mommie here:  make that hundreds of times!!) not to go out there, but I like it in the garage!  And yeah okay, maybe I ran and hid from her when she was trying to put me back in the house.  But was that any reason to yell "No bad kitty" at me??  I do not like the NO word......

I think that I am just going to go hide from the mean Mommie!  And can anyone tell me why Sassy is mad at Mommie for not filming my punishment??

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Musings With Sassy: Crazy Sisfurs

Kitties- I hope you had a nice Easter.  Mine was not so much.  You see I live with the Spot Airhead.  In case you have been living under a rock and did not know this - the Spotted Airhead (a.k.a. Callie) is INSANE!! 

I spent most of this last weekend dodging her.  She chased me off the bed, under the bed, around the room and out of the room!  No place was safe from her!  Picture me calmly walking past the bed.  Picture a stinking white spotted paw grabbing at me without notice. 

I am exhausted!  Is a Spotted Airhead-free zone too much to ask for??

(Why play with a boring old cat toy when you can play with your sisfur's mind?  Teehee!!)