Thursday, April 10, 2014

Annual Trip To The Vet

Kitties -

Callie here.  Yesterday Sassy and I had to go to the V.E.T. for our annual shots.  Being very intelligent cats, we of course worked the guilt angle as much as possible.  Late last night, after intense negotiations, got Mommie to agree to the following concessions in return for our forgiveness for her torture. 

Sassy will be getting two catnip plants placed in the garden with a minimum of three sprigs hand delivered to her per week for the next two months. 

Later this summer (I want to lose a few ounces before seeing my Boo again), I will get to take an overnight (chaperoned by Jo-Jo of course!) tunnel trip to my Sweet Ba-Boo, Kozmo, to include a minimum of one mouse hunt, one romantic star gazing date and a drive in the country. Date of this get together to be selected by Kozmo.  I hope Jo-Jo isn't very good at chaperoning!

Guilty is a wonderful thing isn't it?  What is the best guilt gift you have gotten from your Mommie or Daddy?