Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere: Spitty

Kitties - Sassy here.  Sorry we are a little late posting this week's Hot Mancat.  See, here is what happened.  When I heard that it was going to be Spitty, I swiped Mom's computer and well, I may have drooled just a little too much over his pictures.  Do you know how long it takes for a keyboard to dry out? 

Spitty, you are a Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere!  Your adoring ladycat fans wants to know: 

What do you think is your most handsome mancat feature?    Without a doubt, my floofy tail (or tailio, as I like to call it). It is floofy, and luxuriant and long. I swish it with glee!

Without going into specific details because we all know how that will get you into trouble, describe your perfect ladycat.     My purrfect LadyCat is one who shares my joie de vivre and my snarky sense of humor. She has a spirit of adventure but doesn't mind that I am skeered of bags and boxes. She has to understand that while I love my Human in my way, I cannot be a lap cat or a snuggler with the Humans, and I will probably not luff her Human(s). Also, she sees monogamy as one of those Stoopy Human Rules that do not apply to us superior beings. I have plenty of love in my heart for all my LadyCats!

What would be your idea of the perfect date?  Has being the King helped you get dates?     Well, the purrfect date would be meeting up at Castle Spitty late at night, sharing a dab of Turkey Gerbers and a little sip of half-and-half from the same bowl. Then we would curl up in my pink beddy and give each other a good face-grooming and ear-washing. They we would have a nice nap. Sometimes, I like virtual outdoor activities like camping or clubbing and I'm open to new adventures. But mostly I'm kind of a homebody. I luff to share my toys! 

Do you find that your royal title helps attact the ladies and what is your best pickup line with the ladycats?     No, mostly the LadyCats aren't too interested in my Royal Station in Life. They are not social-climbers--they're more curtain climbers. Alas, 'tis true and pity 'tis 'tis true. Or whatever. Meow.   Spitty would nefur stoop to anything so low as a "pickup line." Spitty always speaks from his little ManCatly heart. We will leave "pickup lines" to insincere, lounge-lizard Humans.

What advice would you give to the ladycats out there who would like to snag a hot mancat like you?     Oh heck, I'm easy! I can be snagged with a little trill or purr and a come-hither look! I like long fur, short fur, chubby kitties, slender kitties, white, black, calico, tabbies, torties, siamese, you name it! So my advice is Be Yourself and Spitty (or some other ManCat--or ManCats) will come running to your side!

What advice would you give to all of the hot mancat wannabe’s out there?     Oh my, just be honest and sincere and attentive and treat the LadyCats with respect. Save your snarkiness and superior catitude for the Humans, and give the LadyCats luff and affection and attention.
Kitties - Sassy here again.  Well, at this point, I usually encourage you to snag this hot mancat, but I think Spitty has already added all of the ladycats to his harem! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings With Sassy: Christmas Spirit

Kitties, Sassy here.  Today I want to talk about the Christmas spirit.  When thinking about Christmas, I picture, at least weather-wise, a winter day, with if not snow, at least cool temperatures.  However, this morning I watched Mommie get up this morning and dress in SHORTS and a TSHIRT to go on a walk!  It was in the mid-seventies today! 

How does a full-furred cat like me get in the Christmas spirit with summer temps?  Oh, bah humbug!  I am going to go take a nap in front of the fan!

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving Poem

My Thanksgiving Poem
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Mommie,
Except when she says “No, Trouble!”
Why does she have to yell like a Commie?
Doesn’t she know that just makes me do it double?
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Sassy, my big sisfur,
She is so much fun to chase,
I chase her until we are a blur,
But why does she keep meowing for a can of Mace?
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my Sweet Ba-Boo, Kozmo,  
He saved me from a crazy, stinky Eggroll Eater,
I am so happy he is my Beau!
He couldn’t be sweeter!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere -- Austin

Kitties - Sassy here.  this week's Hot Mancat is one of my favorites.  He has long been my not-so-secret crush, Austin.  He is one handsome mancat, and ladies, let me tell you, when he starts softly meowing in Welsh....Oh.My.Cat....OH.MY.CAT.....

Austin, you are a Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere! Your adoring ladycat fans wants to know:

What do you think is your most handsome mancat feature?
Well, first of all Sassy, thank you very much for inviting me to pawticipate in this prestigious event. It would seem that my white tuxie chest sends ladies, both hooman and kitties, into paroxysms of delighted squeaks and drools. Can't see it myself!!
Describe your perfect ladycat.
Hmmmm! She needs to have pretty furs because I am a mancat and we like pretty furs! I quite like the older ladycat, as they are very experienced ... *winks at Sassy* !!

What would be your idea of the perfect date?
1st November 2007. That's the date I came to CATachresis Towers. Just purrfick! (Editor's note: Emphasis on the "fick")

What is your best pickup line with the ladycats ? Does your Welsh accent help charm the ladies?
I usually say 'Wyt ti isio "CATerwaul" ar y wal yno, efo fi?' Works every time. What ladycat can resist an invitation to do a bit of CATerwauling on the wall with me?

What advice would you give to the ladycats out there who would like to snag a hot mancat like you?
Remember, the way to a mancat's heart is through his stomach. So offer plenty of succulent fresh tuna and if you throw in the odd nip nanner, we will surely live happily ever after.

What advice would you give to all of the hot mancat wannabe’s out there?
If you wannabe hot,
you gotta be cool!

Kitties - Callie here.  Sassy is not able to finish this interview.  When Austin started speaking Welsh, she swooned!  I guess, since Austin looks a little like my Sweet Ba-Boo, Kozmo - the most Handsome Mancat in the WORLD, he is okay!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Musings with Sassy: Human Food Grief

Kitties - Since Mommie has been completely grief stricken over the news that the makers of Ding Dongs is going out of business, I decided to be nice and let her hijack this blog AGAIN!  Actually, to tell the truth, I am a little sad about the whole Ding Dong thing myself.  Oh, not because I eat them, but because I have discovered the following math formula: 

The More Ding Dongs Mommie Eats = The More Soft Padding in Mommie's Lap for me!

All of this has started Mommie to thinking about other foods that are no longer made that she misses such as: 

Big John's Baked Beans
Keebler's Chocolate Fudge Cookies
Mommie was not able to find a picture of these, but they were chocolate fudge sandwich cookies that had a slightly salty flavor.  Wonderful for dunking!
Farm Rich Vegetable Sticks
Assorted pieces of vegetables in a yummy (and probably fattening!) coating.
Does your human have any foods she/he wishes was still available? 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Sunbeam, The Great Peace Maker

Kitties - Apparently a good sunbeam can do anything!  Even cause a temporary truce.  I sumbit as evidence the following picture.  Note the lack of smacky paws, no airplane ears and almost, almost sitting together! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere: Rumbles

Kitties - It is finally here.  The Hot Mancat profile that many of you have been begging and pleading for.  This Mancat definitely has a big ladycat following!   Ladies, get your drool clothes ready....I hear he is giving out autographs later!

Rumbles, you are a Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere!  Your adoring ladycat fans wants to know: 

What do you think is your most handsome mancat feature?    I think it’s my mighty and floofy tail! I reckon that bootiful ladycats need a mancat that can snuggle up and keep them warm.

Describe your perfect ladycat.     Oooo… this is a tough one! Well, she’s gotta be bootiful. And online, so that I can see photos of her all the time. Did I mention that she’s gotta be bootiful?

 What would be your idea of the perfect date?    We find a nice secluded cardboard box, and snuggle. Occasionally we’d take a break to nom on some Silvervine fish…

What is your best pickup line with the ladycats ?  Does your New Zealand accent help charm the ladies?     I believe it does! An accented mew is the quickest way to a ladies heart! I can’t say as I have pickup lines tho. Every word to a bootiful ladycat is sacred. * wise rumblepurring *

What advice would you give to the ladycats out there who would like to snag a hot mancat like you?    Post LOTS of photos! Lots and LOTS of photos!

 What advice would you give to all of the hot mancat wannabe’s out there?     Be yourself, and treat each and every ladycat like she’s a star. Share your noms and fishies. Bootiful ladycats are worth it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings With Sassy: Diets

Kitties – Mommie broke the news to us today that due to my “issues” with treats (think yakking), that this house was going to become a treat free home.  Now this was okay with the Spotted Airhead because I don’t know, something about keeping her model slim figure and bling-bling sizing, but IT IS NOT OKAY with me!  I have decided that if Mommie is going to put me on a diet, then I am putting her on a diet.  So Mommie, here are the new rules:

Sassy:  No more chocolate!  Wait hang on a minute, I have to go get Mommie, after hearing the no chocolate thing, she is now trying to jump out the window.
Mommie:  Okay, apparently, jumping out a window when you live in a one story house is not always successful. 

Sassy:  No more chips and french fries! 
Mommie:  Hey, wait, wait, can you even eat a sandwich with out chips???  What will I eat in place of sandwiches? 
Sassy:  Salad.  But no dressing, croutons or cheese. 
Mommie:  Now really Sassy, do I look like a rabbit?
Sassy:  Well, now that you mention it, your ears are larger than normal and pink…….

 Sassy:  Because of high blood pressure, no more salt!  And kitties, since the woman puts salt even on her watermelon and apple slices, this will be hard.
Mommie:  What, salted fruit is delish!

 So Mommie, I am willing to negotiate on this.  I will trade you a bag of chips for a bag of treats….
BWAH, BWAH!!!!  MOL!!!


Kitties – be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere this week.  The featured mancat received more nominations for this title than any other mancat.  He really has a devoted (and vocal!) ladycat following!!!  Can you guess who?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bring On The Nip Award x 2!!

Kitties - Sassy here.  I am happy to report that a battle between Callie and I have been resolved.  The sweet, but obviously delusional kitties at Sherlock, Ash and Traveler, gave Callie the Bring On The Nip Award.  And of course you know Callie, she was running around meowing about HER award.  I admit, I was feeling a little jealous, but then the sweet and handsome Spitty gave me, not Callie, the same award! 

For this award, we are supposed to name one thing we are thankful for.  So here we go:
Sassy:  I am thankful for my job judging all of the Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere entries.  Sure its a dirty job, but someone has to look at all of those Mancat pictures!
Callie:  I am thankful that I look so good in my bling-bling!
We are also supposed to give the award to other kitties, but as usual, we are late to the party, so it looks like just about everyone has received this.  If you haven't, feel free to grab it. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anyone Know A Good Head Doctor?

Kitties - does anyone know a good head doctor?  I think Mommie needs one.  She keeps saying that I am driving her crazy.  I don't know why! 

I mean okay, sure, I might have woke her up meowing at nothing last night.....And I may have stuck my paw in her cereal bowl this morning....And yeah, that was me that shredded her letter she got in the mail yesterday....And yes, as matter of fact, I DID need to start that spat with Sassy. 

Really, why is Mommie so stressed out?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere: Mr. Black

Kitties – Sassy here.  Ladies, better get your drool cloths out!  This week’s Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere is SMOKIN’ HOT!  He is King Mr. Black of the the Kittini Boys. 
King Mr. Black, you are a Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere!  Your adoring ladycat fans wants to know: 
What do you think is your most handsome mancat feature?  I would have to say my luxurious coat. Although in photographs it appears to be just plain black, in real life my coat is quite magnificent in its subtlety and shading. It very much resembles sable.
Describe your perfect ladycat.   A sweet disposition would top my list, followed by a lively intelligence, a good sense of humor, large and luminous eyes, and a well groomed coat.
What would be your idea of the perfect date?  I think a cruise around the harbor in a glass-bottomed boat would be a nice start. We would sip wine look at fish, and enjoy getting to know one another. Next, we’d have a candlelit dinner at a cozy seaside inn, followed by a glass of catnip port while relaxing in soft chairs by the fire.
What is your best pickup line with the ladycats ?  Does being a king help in attracting the ladycats?  I really don’t have a pickup line. The ladies usually approach me. As far as being a king, I haven’t been one long enough (at least formally) to know if it is effective in attracting ladycats.  I imagine some of them might be impressed by the power, but those ladycats are not the type in which I am interested.
What advice would you give to the ladycats out there who would like to snag a hot mancat like you?  I am a confirmed bachelor, so there is no chance of “snagging” me. However, I do enjoy interacting with the lovely ladycats on the internet.
What advice would you give to all of the hot mancat wannabe’s out there?  Well, if you are lacking a great personality and good looks, you’ll find that a wad of cash and a bag of catnip go a long way.
So ladycats - care to take on a challenge?  Want to make Mr. Black eat those horrible "confirmed bachelor" words?

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Cats Interview the Candidates

Kitties – This is the Mommie here.  Along this election year, I have avoided saying anything about the candidates because this is a CAT blog not a political blog.  But the other day as I was watching one of the debates, I got to thinking….I wonder what this debate would be like if cats were the moderators…..and from that an idea was born.

Please understand, this is meant to be humorous and non-partisan.  I am not encouraging anyone to vote for a certain candidate.  In fact if the truth was told, I am not very fond of either candidate.  Please only leave non-partisan comments. 

Callie:  Kitties, we are here with President Obama and Mr. Romney to debate a subject near and dear to all of our hearts – cat nip.  I will be asking Mr. Romney the questions and Sassy will ask the questions to President Obama.  Each answer will have a time limit.  President Obama won the coin toss for first question. 
Sassy:  President Obama, what do you plan to do about ensuring that every cat has a cat nip plant of their own?
President Obama:  Well, first off, let me apologize for being late.  I was stuck in a traffic jam that was caused by ex-President Bush.  It is his fault.  I was thinking about this problem as I was on the plane back from single handedly capturing bin Laden.  Did you know that I caught bin Laden?
Sassy:  Please stay on subject President Obama
President Obama:  Okay, so as everyone knows, after President Bush’s time in office, there was only 3 cat nip plants left in the world, because Bush went around and personally peed on every plant, because Bush hates cats – especially black cats.  So I inherited a real cat nip problem. 
Callie:  Mr. Romney, what do you plan to do to ensure each cat their own cat nip plant?
Mr. Romney:  I am glad you asked that Callie.  I have a very good and solid plan for this problem.  It is a plan with many details.
Callie:  Umm, can you give us any of these details?
Mr. Romney:  Yes I can.  As you know, when I was governor of Massachusetts, some cat nip was bought by residents, so naturally I am an expert now on cat nip.  That is how I formed this plan.  That has a lot of details. 

Sassy:  President Obama, can you continue to talk about the cat nip issue. 
President Obama:  What?...oh, sorry,  I was just thinking about when I went overseas to kill bin Laden…you know when I did that, I used a bullet, which meant that another bullet had to be manufactured to replace it.  Our studies show that this bullet has created 16 billion extra jobs for the United States….
Sassy:  Cat nip, President Obama…..
President Obama:  Oh, yes, well, I am happy to report that with the help of two economic stimulus plans and 20 billion in research funds, that in the three years of my presidency, I have managed to increase the three cat nip plants to four!  And I am sure that if the voters will give me another 4 years, I can increase that number to five!!!
Callie:  Mr. Romney, we are still waiting to hear the details on your plan.
Mr. Romney:  My plan has a lot of details.  Good details created by an expert in cat nip.
Callie (hiss):  Please elaborate on these details. 
Mr. Romney:  Callie, I would be happy to.  These details are tied to a plan with a lot of details. 
Sassy:  I am sorry but President Obama had to leave.  He has a scene to shot on CSI, a visit with Jay Leno and a guest appearance on the Oprah show to film.  He said he could not let all of this presidential stuff interfere with his Hollywood time. 

Callie:  And I sent Mr. Romney home because if he said the words “a detailed plan” one more time I was going to have to scratch out his eyes on public TV!

Friday, November 2, 2012

An Award thats All About Me!

Kitties - We have been given an award from Nellie, the Cat From Hell.  Thank you Nellie and kisses to my Sweet Ba-Boo (Sassy: gag!)  And the best thing about it is we get to tell you seven things about us.  We will try to make them something you do not already know, but since a certain Spotted Airhead tends to blab out loud anything and everything that happens around here, that may be hard! 


  1. Sassy:  I expect Mommie to pet me on the head when I eat from my bowl.  If I am hungry, I will go get her and lead her back to my bowl so that she will know what to do.
  2. Callie:  At night, when it is time to go to bed, I like to play hide and seek with Mommie.  She makes such funny noises when she has to crawl under the spare bed to get me at night!
  3. Sassy:  My favorite spot to sleep at night is on Mommie's bed, with my head hanging off.
  4. Callie:  My favorite spot on my Sweet Ba-Boo is his handsome white bib. 
  5. Sassy:  I love to be brushed.  I would not mind having my own on-call 24/7 Brusher!
  6. Callie:  I love to smell shoes - the stinkier the better.  In fact Mommie calls me her little Shoe Slut....hey, wait a minute....that might not be a compliment....
  7. Sassy:   I am, perhaps, enjoying this whole Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere assignment a little too much!
Now we are supposed to nominate 7 other kitties.  We nominate:

Hannah and Lucy because they are two great ladies like we are.

Binga of Sparkle Cat because she is an undercover star!

Noir because Sassy has just a little bit of a crush on his beautiful eyes!

CK because we think she was VERY brave during the Sandy storm!

Sherlock, Traveler and Ash because they seem to be very cool cats!

Katie because we want to be able to say we knew her when before she became a famous film star!

Prancer because he is one of our neighbors in Oklahoma!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Belated Halloween Avatars

Kitties - Dante's Mom Wendy was kind enough to create us some Halloween avatars.  Since I did not want to disappoint all of the ladycats by removing the Hot Mancats post early, I am posting my Halloween pictures a day late.  Thanks Wendy!