Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Award and Water Fountain Review

From Sassy:
Kitties, I am so excited.  I got the Lief Award from the Sweet Lady Cat Brandi.  She understands the trials and tribulations of life with Callie!  I am supposed to pass this award along to three other kitties, but to tell the truth, every blog that I checked with had already won it.  So, even though I know it is a little of a cop out, I am going to just offer this award to all the kitties who have not won this – everyone is deserving of an award.

The Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain Review
From the Mommie:
Last week I reached out the community and asked for recommendations on a water fountain for Sassy, who was dehydrated at her last vet visit.  I was lucky enough to get several excellent suggestions, so I wanted to pass along my recommendation on the fountain, the Drinkwell 360 (the stainless steel version), that I bought.  Unfortunately, the review is kind of mixed, not a strong buy, but not a hated it either.  I bought the fountain at Amazon for just under $70.  So far, Sassy is drinking from the bowl part, but does not seem thrilled about the fountain part.  So basically she is using the expensive $70 fountain as a $7 water bowl! Oh, well, at least she is drinking….

The Positive Points About This Fountain
1.      It runs very quietly.  No loud splashing.  I do not hear it running at night, and I have it set up at the foot of my bed. 
2.      It is easy to dismantle and clean.
3.      Holds plenty of water.  

The Negative Points About This Fountain
1.      If you are looking for a small discreet fountain, this is not for you.  This thing is BIG, about the size of a hubcap. 
2.      It was very hard to figure out how to put it together from the box. There was a part that was attached wrong at the factory and shipped to me this way.   The instructions were useless in figuring out what was wrong.  It took about two hours and the use of many bad words to figure out how to get it running. 
3.      The cost. 
I hope this information will help other kitties make a choice.  I would like to thank everyone who took the time to assist me, especially the information on cleaning that Nellie's Dad passed along to me. 


Unknown said...

Dear Sassey,
Me don't drink very often from the fountainy part either. But me do like that the water flows so it is oxygenated! Now Kozmo, he slurps the water fountains!

Sparkle said...

Maybe Sassy is drinking from it because the running water tastes fresher, even if she isn't drinking from the streams. Actually, the 360 would probably work well at my house, because the dog is always stealing water out of OUR fountain and draining it dry! We always seem to need more water than is in our smaller ones.

Gigi said...

Hmmm. The Human has been reluctant to buy me a fountain because I'm such a scaredy cat/coward (did I really say that???) that she thinks something that made a lot of noise would scare me off and I wouldn't drink any water at all. So it's good to hear this one's quiet.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Congrats on the award, you are so sweet! The most impawtant thing about a fountain is keeping them clean, inside and out. They build up yuck pretty quick like!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

ConCAtulations to the blogaward !
Thank you for the review on the waterfountain :)

Shaggy and Scout said...

It may be that she isn't quite used to the fountain aspect of the thing. The water drinking is the important thing and it is supposed to taste better since it is aerated.
You've got to make sure it stays clean though. Be diligent about that. :)