Monday, March 12, 2012

What Really Happened In London

Kitties, Sassy here.  I know that the little brat Callie told you about our trip to London yesterday, but I thought I would retell the story today from an ADULT point of view.  It was a long flight over.  As soon as we left DFW airport, Callie started yammering about Kozmo is the most handsome, Kozmo is the most brave, yada, yada, yada.  After 4 hours of this, I was ready to grab one of the parachutes and abandon plane. 

After we checked in, Kozmo took us to Buckingham Palace and showed us where he captured Mr. Chirpy.  He does seem like a dashing young man – if not very smart, since he likes the Brat!  At one point some old lady wearing a really weird hat came over and talked to us.  Kozmo then escorted us back to the hotel to freshen up.

After we arrived back at the hotel, Callie was actually nice enough to fix me a hot, new drink she read about on the internet called a Silver Vine Sleep.  To be a little honest, it kind of tasted funny.  Jet lag must have really caught up with me after that, because I became so sleepy. 
The next thing I knew, it was dark outside and there was a bunch of giggling and throat clearing outside of the hotel door.  When Callie came back in, I acted like I was still asleep.  She does not know that I know she sneaked out.  I am saving that little information for when I next want her to do something – then if she doesn’t do it, I will threaten to tell Mommie.  Bwahaha – I have the little brat right where I want her!!!
The next day Kozmo took us all out to a very nice brunch.  Or it would have been nice if it hadn’t been for all of the starry eye looks passing back and forth between Callie and Kozmo – sheesh!  Save me from young love!
Once we were back on our way home, Callie immediately started back up with the Kozmo this, and Kozmo that stuff, so I did what any self-respecting cat would do – I calmly walked to the plane’s bar and made me another Silver Vine Sleep cocktail. 


Brian's Home Blog said...

I think I would need a tall Niptini after that adventure too!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

You were so very brave and wonderful to go along on that trip, you deserved the cocktails!! Heck, have another now, just for the retelling of it!

Gigi said...

Sassy, You know what you needed on that trip? ME!! That's what! We could have gone off to Claridges for Niptinis and some Vine-dusted crumpets. Then we could have rented a nice room and had a good nap and cuddle. I'm sure Callie and Kozmo would have been just FINE. Let me know next time you're going.

Unknown said...

Dear Sassy,
Hmm, Me should has come too. then yous and me could has dumped the little stinkers and gone and had some big girl cat fun! Me hears those English Cats is suave and debonaire!
Me knows what yous our house its Callie this and Callie is really tired of it!