Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sexy Ladycats of the Blogosphere: Truffle and Brulee

Kitties - Okay get ready mancats!  For this week's Sexy Ladycat post you are going to get 2 for the price of 1!  Featured this week are the ladies from Sweet Purrfections, Truffle and Brulee.  Are you ready for twice the dessert?
What makes you a sexy ladycat?  What do you think is your sexiest feature?

Truffle:  I’m a sexy ladycat because of my thick luxurious floof.  I have silver streaks interspersed throughout my white furs.  My sexiest feature is my eyes.  They are big, green, and can look into your soul with one look.  I’m also a little shy.

Brulee:  I’m a sexy ladycat because I am unique, beautiful, and a little quirky.  My sexiest feature is my “bed hair” floof and my fur horns.


When did you first discover you were a Sexy Ladycat?

Truffle:  The first time I strolled in front of the mirror.  Plus, I was honored that the famous Rumbles asked to escort me to my 1st birthday debutante ball last year and I knew he liked the sexy ladycats.

Brulee:  The fact that my favorite place to spend the day (and night) is in the bed!
Describe your perfect mancat.  

Truffle:  Strong with a soft heart.  My purrfect mancat needs to appreciate the time it takes me to get beautiful each day and constantly tell me that I’m special.  He needs to be patient with my divaness!

Brulee:  Someone that likes to have fun.  I like to play and be pampered.


How do you show a mancat you are interested?  Do you have a pickup line?

Truffle:  I’m only a year old, so I haven’t been playing the field too much.

Brulee:  I’m only a year old too, but my favorite line is “Want to have a little fun?”

What should a mancat do to impress you?

Truffle:  Bring me lots of treats and silvervine catnip.

Brulee:  Bring me lots of treats and fev-vers.


What would be a perfect date for a mancat to take you on?

Truffle:  We’d climb to the top of a custom made cat tree in front of a big picture window and watch the squirrels, birds, and bugs outside.  He’d give me a private bath until my silver floof is glowing in the dark.  He’d feed me treats all day long and whisper sweet nothings in my ears all night long.

Brulee:  I’ve never been on a date, so I’m not quite sure what a date is.  I know my sister-before-me, Sweet Praline, was a diva of the CB and she had lots of mancats in her life.  She advises me to play the field and have fun being the Southern Belle that I am.  I know I’d like to be entertained and have fun, but I also like to snuggle when it’s time to go to bed.  I also want private baths and want to be feed delicious treats.

Do you have a special mancat in your life?  Are you open to being contacted by the any of the many handsome mancats of the blogosphere?

Truffle:  Rumbles is a special mancat of mine.  He’s escorted me to several events, but we are not an exclusive couple.  Of course I don’t mind being contacted by any of the handsome mancats of the CB.  I plan on following the guidelines of my sister-before-me, Sweet Praline, and have lots of mancats in my life. 

Brulee:  I’m a very flirtatious ladycat and have no one special mancat in my life at this time.  I think Hammy (Rumble’s brother) has a crush on me.  Of course I don’t mind being contacted by any of the handsome mancats of the CB.  I also plan on following the guidelines of my sister-before-me, Sweet Praline, and have lots of mancats in my life. 




Brian's Home Blog said...

Those LadyCats are just as beautiful as can be!

The Island Cats said...

Now those two are a couple of beauties! Thanks for featuring them!!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thanks for featuring us ad Sexy Ladycats.

Gigi said...

Uh, as soon as my furs grows in again, I volunteers!

GLOGIRLY said...

So much floof,
So much sexiness,
I'm almost dizzy!
; )

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

You girls are HOT! The mancats are lining up!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

I did not think it was possible to be so happy *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* Such booootiful ladycats!

Hammy is making happy little mews to Miss Brulee, he does have such a crush.

CATachresis said...

You two could drive a mere mancat wild!!!

Howyadoin' Sassy? ;) xx

Marg said...

Oh you two are two very sexy ladies. Great pictures and great interview. Brulee, hope you find your purrfect mancat soon.

Fr. Tom Fish said...

Great interview, Truffle and Brulee! The mancats will be lining up fur sure!

Selina said...

Oh Lordee now you've both done it. My brofur, Peppers, is drooling on MomKatt's monitor screen.


You guys rock! So much floof! So much 'tude! ROCK IT!

PURRZ! from one sexyladykatt to two others,


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Wow! ::speechless::

Random Felines said...

oh geez.....we are gonna have to scrape Junior off the floor. He has a crush on the girls and just turned into a puddle of goo!!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

hay ewe gurls ;) ;) noe thatz knot sumthin in R eyez...we bee winkin...;) .....rumble N hammy...we iz gel uz....ewe doods haz sum way hot sexy ladycatz ta bee seen out n about with...

let uz noe if R & H iz two bizee ta take ya for a spin in de FURRareez car.... boomer & tuna


very nice to meet you truffle & brulee and welcome to the club...do you gals pose for fancy feast....you should; if you don't...

I don't know who that cat is that does now, but they could sell twice the product with both of you....hugs from dai$y =^..*=

Sweet Purrfections said...

da tabbies o trout town - Thank you for the compliment. We wish we could pose for Fancy Feast and bring in some extra green papers.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Such beautiful ladies!

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Oh la la !

Just Ducky said...

Just two lovely ladycats, out to break a lot of mancats hearts.

Unknown said...

These 2 is lady cats after mine own heart!
The more man cats, the merrier!

Timmy Tomcat said...

You two Lady Cats really put the purr into meow... Uh... the meow into purr...

OK OK You are some good looking girls!

Unknown said...

Love the pair of divas! What beautiful little babies! Get out you mancat wallets!