Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Relaxing Morning

Good Morning Everyone - Sassy here.

As you can see from this picture, this morning I got to have a nice relaxing nap. Trouble is locked up in the bedroom and I can just lay here and enjoy the peace and quiet.

How was I able to do this?  Today is Mommie's day to clean the floors.  She discovered shortly after bringing Trouble home that she loves to lick the wet floors.  Since Trouble is not quite smart enough to know that licking the floors is NOT normal behavior, Mommie had to start locking her up on floor cleaning day and only being able to use non-toxic green cleaner. 

Although, now that I think about it, maybe licking chemicals off of floors explains her personality!


Unknown said...

Ah! Sassy! Trouble has peculiar tastes! Me sees yous is starting to discover the intrusiveness of the pawparazzi! (me can tell by the look on your face). Your every move will now be accompanied by the flash!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We have a brofur whose name should be trouble! ;)

Junior and Orion

Angel Simba said...

Hi to you both! Thanks for visitng our blog. That is pretty funny about Callie licking the floors. Around here, AUDREY is the one we can nickname TROUBLE.

Shaggy and Scout said...

It's nice to get a private, undisturbed nap!
Trouble sounds like an interesting kitty!