Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can This Relationship Be Saved: The Counselor's Turn

Kitties, lately Sassy and Callie have not been getting along well.  They have been sent to a relationship counselor.  In effort to help all of the brofurs and sisfurs out there get along, their session is being reported here.  Today’s session is the conclusion featuring the counselor’s final thoughts and recommendations. 
Good Day Kitties, I am Sassy’s and Callie’s counselor, Dr. Ivana B. Akiti.  I have met with both Callie and Sassy regarding the difficulties they have been have getting along together.  Let’s discuss Sassy first.
I found Sassy to be very self-contained, reserved cat.  Sassy and her brothers were tragically abandoned by her father ten minutes after conception and her mother at six weeks.  Unfortunately, Sassy’s brothers were bigger than her and behaved very aggressively to her.  These events have resulted in Sassy needing to control her environment and hating any change. 
Callie was a very interesting kitty. Due to the high volume of cats at the shelter, Callie craves attention in order to stand out in the “crowd”.  She has a very developed sense mischief.  She has earned her nickname of Trouble.  And I did notice that she occasionally exaggerates. 
Basically, what we have here are two very different cats.  Callie loves the spotlight while Sassy wants to fly under the radar.  Callie loves to poke fun at Sassy, but Sassy has very tender feelings.  I think the key to this relationship is to find a middle ground for them. 
I have given Callie and Sassy three assignments to complete.  They must complete these assignments or return to counseling. 
Assignment 1:  To encourage them to spent time together, Callie must take Sassy with her on her next adventure.
Assignment 2:  To teach them to work together, Sassy and Callie must sing a duet Friday song.
Assignment 3:  To encourage Sassy to show more tolerance for Callie, starting at midnight on Sunday, Sassy must go 5 days without once using the smacky paw. 
Next week will be a test for these kitties.  Stay tuned for updates. 


Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha ha!!!! The Mommy here...I need the Esteemed Counselor to make a house call at MY house.

Us4 Cats said...

te hee heee ! no smackdowns?

Brian's Home Blog said...

Oh my, all that and homework too! Y'all can do it!

The Island Cats said...

We wanna see how this turns out!! Haha!!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Dr. Ivana B. Akiti is brilliant! Great assignments! Can't wait to see how they do!

Unknown said...

Wow! That would be tough! A Week without the smacky paw! Me could NEVER EVER do that!
Good licj!

Oui Oui said...

Uh oh! We are very worried about this! We hope everything can be worked out, but some kitties are really stubborn! Our Mica Moo & Julie have been trying to kill each other from under the door for over a year & a half.

Sparkle said...

Somehow I don't see Assignment #3 happening!