Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Musings With Sassy: History Rewritten

Kitties, a certain Mommie around here has been running around bragging about “her” blog being a finalist.  Umm, excuse me, but when did it become “her” blog?  This is MY blog – and okay, sometimes the Spotted Airhead’s blog.  This got me to thinking…if the human is rewriting history on this, what else in history have the humans changed?  As it turns out – plenty!  For example:

D-Day   The British humans like to brag about how they made the first landing for this battle.  Not true.  First landing was actual the ship cat.  It seems that in the rush of boarding the troops, someone forgot to bring along the ship cat’s litter box.  When the cat saw all of that lovely sand on the beach, it didn’t hesitate.  The cat was first to land (and squat) on the beach.
Haight Ashbury Hippy Protests   Humans like to claim they went to the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco in the 60’s to protest the war and celebrate rock-n-roll.  Not true.  Really the main attraction to Haight Ashbury was some really cool cats that lived in the area.  The humans flocked there in order to have the honor of petting these kitties.  But of course, humans being humans, they won’t admit that was why they were going.  They thought that “protesting” the war sounded more important. 
Dogs Win Iditarod Races   Humans race with their teams of dogs across Alaska.  Okay, actually, this one is true.  Hey, Stupid Dogs, while you are running around outside in freezing temps, fighting off wolves and hauling heavy sleds – you know what we Cats are doing?  We are sitting on our heated blankets, eating salmon cakes and watching Animal Planet!  Suckers!
Do you know of any other history the humans have wrong?


Brian's Home Blog said...

I am glad somebody is finally setting the record straight!

The Island Cats said...

Thanks, Sassy, we've always known this. Now the whole world will know the truth!

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Peeps! They're ALWAYS rewriting stuff to suit them, I think. All we cats can do is keep a watchful eye over the situation and correct what needs correcting... that sort of thing. purrs

Gigi said...

I know *for sure* that it was a kitty who need a drink that found gold nuggets at Sutter's Mill in 1848 and then the Stoopy Humans took all the credit and the kitties din't get nuffing.

Sparkle said...

Humans have EVERY bit of history wrong, if you ask me! We kitties are responsible for all the good stuff.

Katie Isabella said...

Sassy, this made mine and mom's rest of the week! How could we not have picked up on this sooner..but you have us up to date now.