Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trouble's Tall Tales: Invasion of the Killer Bug

- Or –
How I Saved The World From A Vicious Crazed Bug
Story provided by Trouble, clarification of the wild exaggeration provide by Mommie.

Kitties, I had a scary and danger filled morning.  After I finished my conference call this morning with the event planner for the Queen’s Jubilee (he is so needy, I had to lead him though the whole process), I walked into the living room only to discover Mommie frozen in fear in her chair.  The living room had been invaded by a vicious, death wielding mutant house fly.  It was as big as me and red glow in the dark eyes.  (Uhmm, no conference call and actually it was a small house fly that I didn’t even realize was in the room)
Although I had never fought such a huge bug, I knew I had to save my Mommie’s life, so the battle began.  The vicious, crazed bug and I met in the middle of the room.  Tragically, the bug got in the first strike, but I quickly recovered and started backing the creature from Hell into the corner.  The battle raged on from the living room to the dining room and into the kitchen.  Each time I thought I had the creature cornered, he managed to twist away.  I am pretty sure it was part cyborg.  (Well, the “battle” did move from room to room, possibly because Trouble kept jumping at the bug and missing….)
Finally, I managed to pin down the crazed, wild eyed monster, but not without a few injuries of my own.  As I held the creature down, I looked into its insane eyes.  It could see the death awaiting it, and cowardly took its own life rather than face up to its sins.  (Trouble might be a little sore tomorrow, possibly from the many times she jumped up in the air and DID NOT land on her feet.  I don’t know for sure, but I think the bug actually died from laughing itself to death)


Sparkle said...

Once again, your human is FIBBING, Callie! The proof is in the photo.

The Island Cats said...

Haha! We'll go with your story, Callie, just because it's more exciting!

Gigi said...

It is sad how the Humans feel they must lie to minimize our prowess. Hey--we can SEE the size of that thing for ourselves!

Oh Sassy? Darling, you ARE one of my LadyCats! Don't you remember Hollywood???

GLOGIRLY said...

Thank COD you saved the day...and your mommy's life. The world may sleep peacefully tonight.
; ) Katie & Glogirly

Brian's Home Blog said...

Well I think that is a darn impressive job of protecting and you should be really proud!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I don't know about the fly, but imagining it, I might laugh myself to death!

Unknown said...

Oh my Sweet Pea!
You are so glorious! And such prowess! You make me so proud to be your boyfriend! Saving your Mom and you sister from crazed cyborg bugs is something I love about you sweet Sweet Callie!