Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monday Musings With Sassy

Kitties,  this blog has been taken over.  I have been silent for too long!  Trouble WILL share this blog.  From now on, I am taking over Mondays and Tuesdays.  For today's Musings, I will be sharing my responses to an event taking place over at the Tabby Cat Club.  They are having a "What Would Your Cat Do" event.  I have listed my answers for the three situations below.  Feel free to copy and post your responses on your blog, just please link back to Tabby Cat Club.  Have fun!!

(and Callie, for the last time, stop whining, your "fans" will not forget about you!)

What Would Your Cat Do?

Situation #1   Your human accidently leaves your treats out on the kitchen cabinet before leaving for work.  You are not allowed on the cabinets, but you really, really want some treats.  What would you do? 
Sucker! She left them out, I am so getting on the cabinets and eating treats until I barf.  The details:  Mommie is turning 50 this week and I fully intend to take advantage of her old age forgetfulness!
Situation #2    Your human comes home from work depressed.  She starts telling you all about her bad day.  What would you do:
              Paste a concerned look on my face and pretend to care while thinking how 
                glad I am to not have to work.  The details:  Mommie keeps talking about    
                someone called “the Boss”.  Here’s what I want to know – how does he wear shoes on his
                cloven feet?  And where does he hide his horns during the day? 

Situation #3   Your human is having guests stay at the house for a week.  What would you do?
        They smell funny, plus they are sleeping in MY playroom, I'm going to leave them a “present” in their open suitcase.   The details:  Mommie didn’t even ask my permission before inviting those creatures over!  I need my playroom!


Sparkle said...

You have some good ways of dealing with your human, Sassy! BTW your answer to #1 is exactly what Binga would do!

The Island Cats said...

Wow, we woulda answered those questions pretty much the same way, Sassy.

Unknown said...

me did not knows yous was a Cat From Hell too! Good on yous!
PS, how did yous refrain from mentioning Callie talking about Kozmo? Is she driving yous as nots as he is driving me?